"In Dying To Restart, Greg Wiens and Dan Turner deliver real hope for your church. In today’s world of declining churches the question for every church leader is: On your watch what would you like to see happen? In their insightful book Greg and Dan do an amazing job of arming you with a biblical, healthy, interesting, God-honoring approach to turn your declining or plateaued church into a growing healthy one. Beware! While this is a much needed refreshing guidebook that gives you practical next steps for leading your church into a new life, it's also a gut check about whether or not you are willing to give up your old identity to take hold of what God has for you." click for more...

Dan Holland

Author, Coach, Planting Pastor, Restart Pastor and currently Lead Pastor of Golf Course Road Church of Christ, TX

“Many of us live in a culture that tends to avoid talking about death. Having conversations about our own life cycle seems negative, dreary, and sad. However, death can be incredibly inspiring when we see it through the lens of making room for something new to flourish. In Dying to Restart, Greg Wiens and Dan Turner smash cultural norms and open up the challenging conversation of purposefully walking a church through the death process in order for it to become something entirely new. Since the end result of restarting a church is seeing it come back to life and multiply, this isn’t a negative, dreary, and sad conversation—it is hope-filled and life-giving! click for more...

Dr. Ed Love

Director of Church Multiplication for The Wesleyan Church

“The pinnacle of redemptive history was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I’m captured by the potential Kingdom impact of Dying to Restart – might the pinnacle of the redemptive history of many local churches be near the end of their lifecycle? May a group of believers collectively experience the reality that Jesus expressed in “whoever loses their life for my sake will find it”? Stories and strategies make this book a must read for those who grasp their greatest faith-filled, generous act may yet be ahead!”

Wayne Schmidt

General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church

“In Dying to Start, Greg and Dan address a topic that will become increasingly important in our culture. They have pulled together remarkable insights on the congregational expression of church. Their observations are not just helpful for those contemplating or going through intentional institutional death-on-purpose; their commentary can help congregations from getting to this point!”

Reggie McNeal

best-selling author of Kingdom Come and Kingdom Collaborators

"God loves to bring life out of death. This is a must read for smaller congregations. There is hope, God's resurrection power is still at work."

Dr. Paul D. Borden

Director, Church Health Initiative