“In Dying To Restart, Greg Wiens and Dan Turner deliver real hope for your church. In today’s world of declining churches the question for every church leader is: On your watch what would you like to see happen? In their insightful book Greg and Dan do an amazing job of arming you with a biblical, healthy, interesting, God-honoring approach to turn your declining or plateaued church into a growing healthy one. Beware! While this is a much needed refreshing guidebook that gives you practical next steps for leading your church into a new life, it’s also a gut check about whether or not you are willing to give up your old identity to take hold of what God has for you.”

I found this to be practical, simple to understand, interesting. Over the past five years I’ve been blessed to lead a start up that became a campus of Real Life Church in Florida and then led through two successful restarts (also become campuses of Real Life) and currently am leading through a revitalization of a large church in West Texas and I hope that Dying To Restart is a refreshing reality check for leaders in declining and plateaued churches. I appreciate ya’ll! keep up the good work.