Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death For a Multiplying Life, June 2018

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With ninety percent of churches either declining or plateauing, what must church leaders do in response? Greg Wiens and Dan Turner offer time-tested solutions, practical advice, and real-life stories for those who want and need to restart their church.

Dying to Restart is the first comprehensive resource to help declining churches successfully “die” so they can live again. With two decades of relevant experience, Wiens and Turner apply the difference between “revitalizing” and “restarting” a church in practical terms. Understand the qualitative and quantitative differences that are vital for successfully restarting a dying church.

The goal of the restart is not to replace the old version of a church with a new, updated version. Rather, the goal of a restart is to create a wholly different body with holy different DNA. Do you need to let your church die with dignity so it can truly start again?

Key takeaways:

  • Real stories and church profiles from leaders who have led church restarts
  • A thorough discussion of the natural life cycles that all churches go through
  • Descriptions and examples of the various kinds of restarts
  • Scriptural examination of the theology behind restarts and the distorted theology many churches are living out (“We can’t let the church die,” “We can be faithful without being fruitful,” etc.).
  • Essential characteristics of restart leaders
  • The most critical decision a restart church will make
  • How to secure congregation buy-in
  • The importance of confronting hard challenges upfront
  • The landmine potential of not paying attention to the details
  • Understanding the various phases of a restart
  • The specific changes each church needs to be prepared for
  • The role of the remnant (those who stay in the new church)
  • A realistic look at life after the restart
  • What it takes to restart with missional DNA that leads to multiplying church



Table of Contents

Continuing the Conversation

CHAPTER 1: Dying in the District

CHAPTER 2: A Season for Everything

CHAPTER 3: Three Ways to Die

CHAPTER 4: Is This Biblical?

CHAPTER 5: Do You Have What It Takes?

CHAPTER 6: Pain Now or Pain Later?

CHAPTER 7: Restarting With Missional DNA

CHAPTER 8: The Eye of the Storm

CHAPTER 9: Covering the Bases

CHAPTER 10: Resurrection Time!

CHAPTER 11: Life After Restarting

CHAPTER 12: Where Do We Go From Here?

Resources to Get Started

Get your copy of the paperback book at Amazon.com

Order Paperback VersionPaperback Edition Order Kindle eBookKindle Edition