An April 15th, 2018 headline reminds us all too well that this is an inevitable reality for many churches. One we’re not excited about in the least, but one we know will happen more and more often.Our prayer is that we can get ahead of this power curve and choose a strategic death rather than succumb to forces of the marketplace, economy, or demographic trends.

Here’s the entire article from the Orlando Sentinal: and a copy of the newspaper clipping.

In the Dying to Restart webinar last week, Dan offered this little tidbit that I hope will help you pause for a moment:

We had enough resources to probably carry us through a decade…I had to say to this little church that no one could remember the last baptism we had, there are no ministries to speak of, we’re not seeing people converted, we’re not seeing this community changed for Christ…we’re not just gathering to worship on Sunday, but lives are being changed for Christ.

If you’re not seeing life transformation in your church, we hope you’ll reach out before a reporter rolls up to your front door. More importantly, we hope this somehow motivates you to act for the glory of God more than the anything else.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, advice, or affirmation.


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